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Volunteer: You Could Make A Difference. Will You?

Join the FASVIG Network and become a FASVIG Champion

FASVIG Volunteer Network Regions

FASVIG Network Regions

FASVIG needs aviators to help develop the 25 ‘Packages of Change’ outlined in the FAS VFR Implementation Programme (FASVIP) and turn them into real benefits for all of us. We can’t do this without you.  Those that step up to this challenge would join like-minded groups of people and use their knowledge and experience of flying to drive the project through to completion. If you can fly an aircraft then you can. definitely help. It doesn’t need full time commitment either, just enthusiasm and motivation.  Most activities can be worked remotely by email and internet conferencing so travel would be minimal.

Before volunteering to become a FASVIG Champion, please ensure you have taken a look at the FASVIP Packages of Change. We will need to match Champions to the Changes so we can create a Team to take each Change forward. Some Changes will just have a National Team while others will require a National Policy Team (to address policy matters) and Regional Teams to develop the regional/geographic elements of the Change.

To get involved just click here and submit the form to provide the requested information and we will get in touch to identify how best we can work together.

I am looking forward to working with you.

Steve Green, FASVIG Programme Coordinator