CAAThe CAA/MOD are currently reviewing the utility of having AIAA (area of intense aerial activity), ARA (advisory radar area), and ATA (aerial tactics area) marked on maps and charts. To that end, they would like to know what the GA community think of the concepts and have asked FASVIG to survey the UK GA community.

Specifically, to what extent are you aware of AIAA (area of intense aerial activity), ARA (advisory radar area) and ATA (aerial tactics area) and do you operate differently when flying within them?

The survey will remain open until 20th March 2016 but we would be grateful if you would complete it now.

We appreciate your input, which will remain totally anonymous.

Your input will influence decisions about AIAA/ARA/ATA on future CAA UK Charts.

The survey should take you less than 2 minutes to complete.

Take the online survey

Thank you.

Future Airspace Strategy VFR Implementation Group (FASVIG)