The FASVIG Implementation Programme (FASVIP) contains an AIM efficiency enablers element which has significance to airspace safety and infringement reduction. FASVIG sought views from VFR stakeholders and from providers of GPS mapping devices and services commonly used by pilots flying VFR in the UK. Its objective was to identify policies that tend to make the user interface less effective than it might be and propose potential changes to improve airspace safety and support infringement reduction. As GPS mapping devices are developed the displayed AIM information and warnings are increasingly focussed and reliable pilots rely on the information and honour warnings and information messages. However, where displayed information is not relevant to the route flown or the time of flight, pilots have to make a decision to honour or ignore the information. Forcing pilots to make such decisions invites error and reduces airspace safety.

AIM Effectiveness for Single Pilot VFR Operations – A Report by FASVIG

Following on from the earlier work, FASVIG has now published a new document containing a number of additional proposals.

AIM Effectiveness for Single Pilot VFR Operations – Proposals from FASVIG