Register of VFR Significant Areas


FASVIG VFR Significant Areas Heatmap presented via Google Earth – Updated 1st October 2018

5th October 2018

As of October 2018, the VSA Register has not been updated, however, the hang gliding/paragliding/gliding Traffic ‘Heatmap’ has been refreshed with new data up to October 2018. This new heatmap data is available in this file: VSA-Layer-Map.kmz

To use this new heatmap file as an overlay in Google Earth, (you do first need Google Earth installed on your computer), double-click on the above link then follow the instructions found in Annex A of this document:
Register of VFR Significant Areas – Version 2
BUT disregard the link referenced in the Introduction to Annex A – instead you will be using the above kmz file.

For short-term convenience, this update has been made available here on the old FASVIG website. It is still the intention to produce a web-hosted visual representation of this data, which will negate the need to manually add the layers via the kmz file. In due course, this new feature will be made available on the new Airspace4All website.

FASVIG VSA's on Google Earth

FASVIG VFR Significant Areas presented via Google Earth

22nd November 2017

The 2nd Edition of this document has now been completed thanks to the efforts of Trevor Wilcock and Bob Ellis who have conducted a thorough review of the original VSA register, added many new areas and incorporated similar data from the parachuting, gliding and hang-gliding communities.

This has been a huge task and was only made possible by the energy of the editorial team and the many contributors from across FASVIG. One new feature is the depiction of the various VSAs, regulated airspace and “heat maps” as overlays to Google Earth – details of which may be found in the new Register. In the future, it is hoped that this visual representation may be web-hosted, which will negate the need to manually add the layers and may allow the addition and filtering of more data. It is also hoped that the Register will have utility in the development/review of new airspace change proposals by providing sponsors with an at-a-glance view as to why subject airspace is of significance to the VFR community and (in particular) those associations, organisations, airfields, other sites and clubs that are listed.

Access the document via this link:

Register of VFR Significant Areas – Version 2

30th June 2016

This first version of the FASVIG VFR Significant Areas document does not provide an exhaustive list of VSAs. It has been created as an initial version to develop the policy and guidelines and to present a limited ‘starter set’ of VSAs. Subsequent versions of this document will be published to more fully expand and develop the list of VSAs.

Population of the Glider Operating Areas and Parachute Sites will begin in subsequent versions.

Access the document via this link:

Register of VFR Significant Areas – Version 1