Managing the Problem of InfringementsInfringements within the UK continue to occur at an unacceptable level. Previous measures to reduce them have not proved very effective, partly because solving the problem is more complicated than many care to admit. There are three main obstacles to success:

  • There has been a reluctance to recognise that the roots of the problem lie in a number of different areas and not just in the competence levels of the pilots who infringe.
  • There has been too much focus on the effect of each infringement, in other words on the case-by-case symptoms of the problem, and not enough focus on
    understanding the causes of each infringement.
  • Finally, there has been too much emphasis on coercion though the threat of enforcement, and insufficient attention paid to bringing the entire GA community into the fold so that everyone becomes part of the solution, rather than just being part of the problem.

It is therefore time to consider a new approach. Acting in support of the CAA and in accordance with its mandate, FASVIG has commissioned this paper to propose a Counter- Infringement Strategy for consideration by the CAA.

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