Following the Airspace Infringement Seminar on 12th July 2016 FASVIG collated and analysed all of the seminar discussion and inputs, forming those into a paper setting out key recommendations. These recommendations have been delivered to the CAA

  • FASVIG recommends urgent review of the governance arrangements around the subject area as a positive signal for the launch/ re launch of the airspace infringement initiative and action plan.
  • FASVIG regrets the need for the drive towards a more punitive regime but recognizes the need to press ahead as a means of discouragement to potential infringers.
  • FASVIG supports any initiative that the CAA can launch to raise the profile of the infringement subject.
  • Any improvements in electronic conspicuity are welcome however these in themselves will not stop infringements without a reciprocal radar service.
  • Any CAA initiative to fund equipage is very positive, FASVIG wishes to support such an initiative to help ensure value.

Airspace Infringement Seminar 12th July 2016 – Report and Recommendations