Infringements of controlled airspace by GA and other users continue to occur despite the efforts of NATS, CAA and the Airspace Infringement Working Group (AIWG). There are approximately 1000 infringements every year and although reporting processes have changed, the number has remained unacceptably high. Following a joint CAA/NATS and FASVIG meeting in April 2016, the CAA looked to deploy an emerging action plan that included the prospect of provisional licence suspension. In support of this objective, FASVIG offered to suggest a methodology to significantly decrease the number and severity of Airspace Infringements and to comment on the Action Plan proposals made by a joint CAA/NATS working group.

To do this FASVIG needed a data based methodology, and were accordingly furnished with the best data available, 530 infringement reports over a three year period from NATS units.

This paper discusses the data that was abstracted, using objective and subjective analysis, and has used that to support some of the proposals made in the Action Plan, while raising some caveats regarding unintended consequences which may decrease, rather than increase, both safety and efficiency.

Infringement Data Analysis – Final Report Revision 1