The links below provide access to some of the FASVIG Programme project reports.

FASVIG Programme

Airspace – What can we learn from Germany (March 2018)

UK Airspace Modernisation (Nov 2017)

Airspace Infringement

Managing the Problem of Infringements

A pilot’s guide to infringement avoidance… and easier navigation (March 2018)

Airspace Infringement Seminar 12th July 2016 – Report and Recommendations

Infringement Data Analysis – Final Report Revision 1

FAS Deployment Steering Group

FAS DSG Outcomes and Action

MAS1 VFR Significant Areas

VFR Significant Areas

ATA5 Release ATZs at Closed Airfields

Access to ATZs at Closed Airfields

ATA7 UAS Policy Compatible with VFR Operations

Integration of RPAs into Class G Airspace

VEE1/2/3/4 NOTAMS & Temporary Reserved Airspace Depiction for VFR Airspace Users

AIM Effectiveness for Single Pilot VFR Operations – A Report by FASVIG

AIM Effectiveness for Single Pilot VFR Operations – Proposals from FASVIG

VEE5 ADS-B Out Implementation

Non-Certified GPS ADS-B ‘Quick Win’ Actions – A CWG Action Response by FASVIG

VEE12 Extend Use of Listening Squawks

Listening Squawks – A Report by FASVIG