CAAFASVIG views transparency and evidence-based decision making as vital underpinnings for its endeavours “to provide a sustainable future for VFR operations”.

FASVIG is aware of the Infringement Hotspots announcement made by the CAA and the Airspace & Safety Initiative on 23 June 2015. Although FASVIG is not currently directly involved with this initiative we do have an interest as some of the possible options under consideration, such as ‘Surveillance Mandatory Zones’, would clearly have some impact on FASVIG’s objectives.

To this end FASVIG has sought information from the CAA on the MOR Infringement data for the 6 ‘Hotspots’. The CAA has today provided the information contained in this PDF and given FASVIG permission to publish:

20150710 – AI at Identified Hotspots by Grade

We appreciate that this information may well give rise to further questions. FASVIG has no additional information at this time but will seek to engage with the Infringement Hotspot initiative and to assist where we can in line with FASVIG’s objectives.