Guild of Air Traffic OfficersFASVIG is pleased to have received a request from GATCO, the Guild of Air Traffic Control Officers, to join FASVIG. GATCO are now a FASVIG Member. GATCO will attend future FASVIG Meetings and will provide a useful resource and expertise to help us create the FAS VFR Deployment Plan.

We welcome John Welton and Adam Exley. John is GATCO’s VP of Policy. Adam will be GATCO’s primary point of contact with FASVIG and is an Approach Controller at Heathrow and also has an interest in VFR flight.

“GATCO is pleased to be able to be part of FASVIG, and looks forward to helping ensure that VFR access to controlled airspace continues in, and is expanded in, a safe and sustainable manner” said John Welton.

GATCO are the UK professional organisation for controllers, representing around 1900 ATCOs, both civil and military, with a mission statement which is that GATCO ‘promotes the highest standards in air traffic management and is dedicated to the safety of all who travel or gain their livelihood in the air.’