Efforts to develop route and activity deconfliction tools are welcome. Opportunities for GA to exploit them should be explored.

One such effort is the SESAR ProGA research project. ProGA is studying the feasibility of a system that can continually and automatically predict the future GA trajectory or volume of operation and share this information with stakeholders. The information could be used by other GA aircraft, by commercial aircraft and by ATM. The GA trajectory information will be of a probabilistic nature, with a level of confidence depending on the time horizon of the prediction, the path flown prior to the estimation, and the type of flight. Suitable levels of confidence are for example expected for aircraft flying for a longer period of time in a given direction towards a known destination. By automatically estimating GA trajectories SESAR’s idea of Business Trajectories and the GA community’s wish to fly freely are combined. The system’s output is a continually updated estimation of future GA trajectories which can be shared via SWIM with other airspace users and ATM.

FASVIG would explore the potential for better integrating deconfliction tools into GA flight planning.