ADS-B Out is a proven technology offering enhancements to safety.

The slow progress towards authorising ADS-B Out from uncertified GPS sources transmitted through certified Mode S transponders, together with the low number of volunteers for the NATS trial, is very disappointing. Increased focus, greater certainty and more drive and urgency from agencies is needed to encourage pilots to invest the time, effort and cost to enable ADS-B Out.

The progress on stand-alone ADS-B Out devices has been equally slow.

The various ADS-B Out activities have been publicised in a piecemeal fashion. A more holistic, strategic approach should be taken to actively market the concept and encourage voluntary adoption, with minimum of bureaucratic impediment commensurate with proportionate safety considerations.

FASVIG would work with organisations involved to make the implementation of ADS-B Out as quick, simple and cost effective for users as possible.