As part of their definition, NOTAMs have a geographical centre location and radius specification that indicates the area affected. It is not uncommon for the area specified to be different from the actually area affected by the subject matter of the NOTAM. Recent prime examples include a NOTAM covering the whole of the UKFIR announcing the ban on flights in Ukrainian airspace and a NOTAM covering a significant part of the UK land area concerning a TMZ offshore.

Use of the NOTAM system in this way causes information to be presented to GA pilots that is totally irrelevant to their planned route. The resultant information ‘clutter’ increases the chances of pilots missing important details that are relevant to their planned route. This practice should be stopped.

It is accepted that this type of information is important for those planning flights which are affected by the true geographic area of the subject of the NOTAM. If using the true location of the affected area in the NOTAM definition is deemed insufficient then a different method should be employed to provide general notification to those truly affected. FASVIG would work with users and the CAA to identify a means to deliver only appropriate NOTAMS to airspace users