The adoption of ‘Listening’ Squawk codes as a means by which pilots can indicate to radar controllers they are listening on a given radio frequency has proven to be very effective. It provides a useful service enhancement giving radar controllers an indication of which ATC Unit to liaise with if they have a need to communicate with the pilot concerned. It also aids pilots on ‘busy radio days’ when they may not be able to ‘get in’ to speak with a LARS controller but can, by setting the listening squawk, indicate to the controller that they are on frequency.

The London Information listening Squawk offers wide UK coverage. But listening squawks are not available for all LARS units in the UK. It would be beneficial if the use of listening squawks was extended to all areas with LARS coverage, with squawk codes for each LARS unit.

FASVIG would propose extending the use of listening squawks to all radar equipped ATC Units.