It is FASVIG’s intent that:

The information and procedures needed to operate safely and efficiently in complex airspace structures is readily available and accessible.  Notification of particular airspace activities and restrictions are available and timely.


VEE.1 NOTAM Compatibility with Graphical Display

VEE.2 NOTAMs Relevant to Time

VEE.3 NOTAMs Relevant to Route

VEE.4 Temporary Reserved Airspace Depiction for VFR Airspace User

VEE.5 ADS-B Out Implementation

VEE.6 Route & Activity Deconfliction Tools

VEE.7 Infringement Risk Warning Tool

VEE.8 Modernise UK RTF

VEE.9 Standardise UK FIS

VEE.10 Common UK Transition Altitude

VEE.11 Provision of Real-time In-Flight Weather Data

VEE.12 Extend Use of Listening Squawks