Sponsors and operators of regulated airspace have no incentive or formal requirement to release elements of it when the original basis for the CAS no longer applies or when it has become underutilised. Indeed there is considerable disincentive in the form of cost and risk. Approaches by other airspace users who would seek to change CAS boundaries tend to be frustrated by this disincentive.

The disincentive to give up any CAS could be corrected at 2 levels:

  1. Develop a regulatory framework to allow elements of regulated airspace to be released whilst retaining the option to reinstate them at a later date without the need for formal public consultation, once the original basis for the regulated airspace application becomes relevant again.
  2. Developing a proposal for an incentive pricing environment such that the charges levied on the airspace sponsor are proportionate to the volume of airspace managed.

FASVIG would review the requirements needed to achieve these outcomes and make proposals for change.