The development of airspace for the London airports (LAMP), NTCA and other major airspace change projects are proceeding without obvious integration of the needs of VFR operations which are likely to be affected significantly by it.  In FAS terms, although this is a significant and essential project it is at risk of being unbalanced in that VFR activities which could be accommodated will be excluded purely because they have not been considered at the planning stage.  Input on considerations from VFR operators is presently not invited until after the point where airspace design can be changed; the design risks being a fait accompli.

The LAMP programme needs to demonstrate that it has sought and considered advice on aspects of airspace design and procedures that could impact VFR operations in all classes of airspace.  By this means it can achieve support from the other users of the airspace in the South-East of England and better meet the aims of the FAS.

Although at a later timescale, similar considerations apply to the NTCA and other major airspace programmes and should be implemented from the outset. FASVIG would engage with these airspace projects.