The development of the Implementation Programme has been influenced by the following view of FAS VFR user priorities:

  • Improvements to safety.
  • Rebalancing the policies and procedures of the Airspace Change Process to take better account of the needs of VFR users.
  • Adoption of measures of efficient use of airspace.
  • Increasing regulatory protection of existing areas of Class G airspace significant to VFR users.
  • Development of an efficient process to downgrade regulated airspace for short or medium term periods.
  • Decommissioning controlled and restricted airspace that is no longer required.
  • Switching away from the use of controlled and restricted airspace mechanisms to other means of delivering a known environment.
  • Enabling greater and more predictable access to controlled airspace for VFR users.
  • Improving efficiency, sustainability and environmental aspects of VFR flight.