The following have been identified as potential risks to the delivery of the FAS VFR Implementation Programme Packages of Change:

  • Lack of volunteer technical expertise from the GA Sector.
  • Lack of human resources from the GA Sector
  • Lack of resources within CAA to support the change process.
  • Lack of political will to take required decisions.
  • Lack of support from ANSP’s and Airports/Airfields.
  • Lack of willingness on behalf of the MOD to play a full part in FASVIG.
  • Lack of sufficient financial support.
  • Lack of support from the GA Sector at large due to longstanding scepticism.
  • ICAO/EASA standards or policies that may not suit the UK. 

Mitigations of these risks will be addressed, where possible, in the subsequent FAS VFR Deployment Plan.



John Brady                 Tim Hardy

Joint Chairs FASVIG