The implementation of the three ‘Packages of Change’ through the FAS VFR Deployment Plan will realise the benefits of the FAS for VFR operations in the areas of capacity, safety, efficiency and environment.

In terms of modernising airspace structures, the delivery of the programme will ensure that the benefits of ATM developments also deliver more efficient operations for non-CAT aircraft.  Following a review of all airspace structures it will propose and sponsor changes to provide balance.  Fully aligned with the FAS it will benefit from other key initiatives such as a harmonised transition altitude and provide balance across all airspace, helping to develop the UK aviation sector overall.

The access to airspace workstream will progress FUA for civil VFR flight and propose changes to enable VFR operations to be conducted safely and efficiently in both regulated and unregulated airspace.  It will seek to amend airspace structures that exclude or restrict VFR flight and simplify routings for VFR traffic to achieve safety and environmental benefits.

These activities will be supported by proposals to change regulation and procedures related to VFR flight and to provide modernised information management systems.

By working in collaboration with other users, most notably the CAT sector, the implications to each community will be more fully understood and the tradeoffs minimised where possible.