FASVIG Meetings

In 2014, the first year after launch, FASVIG held member’s meeting on 17th Jan, 21st Feb, 10th Jun & 16th Sep. Future FASVIG Member’s meetings will be scheduled as required.

FASVIG Websites


This is the public-facing website for communicating with the public general aviation.


This is a private website dedicated for the use of FASVIG Members, Associates and Volunteers.
www.fasvig.net is not yet live.

FASVIG Email Communications

Public Mailing Lists

FASVIG runs three public mailing lists:

  • Airspace Change Proposals
    Subscribe to this list for email updates on Airspace Change Proposals in which FASVIG has an interest.
  • FASVIG General Aviation Newsletter
    Subscribe to this Newsletter for information intended for the General Aviation Community (e.g. Private Pilots, GA airfield operators, etc).
  • FASVIG Aviation Industry Newsletter
    Subscribe to this Newsletter for information intended for the Professional Aviation Industry (e.g. CAA, ANSPs, Airports, Airlines, etc)

Anyone can subscribe to the above via www.fasvig.org

Private Mailing Lists

FASVIG runs two private mailing lists:

  • FASVIG Members/Associates Newsletter
    sent to all FASVIG Members/Associates
  • FASVIG Network Newsletter
    sent to all FASVIG Champions and Members/Associates

The private mailing lists are by invitation.


FASVIG presented at the Government/CAA/FASVIG GA Event at Duxford on 28th March 2015.

FASVIG has no immediate plans to attend any future events, but this is always subject to review.