FASVIG seeks Airspace Training ServicesThe Future Airspace Strategy VFR Implementation Group (FASVIG) has 98 Champions who have volunteered to help deliver the FAS VFR Implementation Programme (FASVIP). These Champions include air traffic controllers, current and ex military and airline pilots, flying instructors, private pilots, glider pilots, hang glider and paraglider pilots, located across the UK.

FASVIG will soon be mobilising the Champions to begin work on the Programme. An early requirement is to deliver ‘Primer’ training on the subjects addressed by the FASVIP to motivate the Champions and ensure we have a common baseline understanding of the subject matter, the tasks at hand and workings of FASVIG to help establish an effective working culture.

We are seeking to procure training services that can work closely with us to develop the training material and present it to the FASVIG Champions. The anticipated delivery mechanism would be via one or more online audio conferencing sessions with screen sharing of training presentation material.

Additionally, subject to future requirements, there may be opportunities to undertake further engagements with FASVIG as the Programme progresses.

FASVIG seeks expressions of interest from individuals or companies that have expertise and experience appropriate to the above requirement.

To discuss further, in the first instance please contact FASVIG via http://fasvig.org/contact-us

Steve Hutt
FASVIG Programme Coordinator