As part of its programme to deliver operational improvements to aircraft flying VFR, FASVIG has been working with the CAA to publicise the availability and use of listening squawks and lower airspace radar services. In support of the airspace infringement seminar held in London last year, FASVIG analysed airspace infringement data from across the country and concluded that the use of listening squawks and radar services significantly reduced infringement risk. However, the availability of these services was not well understood and although details are listed in the AIP and in commercial flight guides there was no ready reference available. A leaflet published on the Airspace Safety Initiative (ASI) website was difficult to use and largely unknown to GA pilots.

Using material prepared by the CAA and approved by the Airspace Infringement Working Group, FASVIG has funded and published 30,000 copies of a reference card suitable for planning and in-flight use by GA pilots. A supply of these printed cards has been delivered to the 3 companies that distribute CAA charts in time for a copy to be included with the UK South chart which was effective on 4 March 2017. Copies will also be included with other new charts distributed over the coming year.
Organisations that purchase charts in bulk should receive a similar number of cards for onward distribution to purchasers. A reserve supply of cards is available to organisations on request.

A copy of this reference card is also available from the downloads section of the ASI website That document prints on an A4 sheet that can be folded in half to form a back to back A5 card for in-cockpit use.

This is part of the FASVIG programme to deliver a sustainable future for VFR flight operations.

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