NATS: Evaluation of a Pre-Notification Process for Class D CTA and CTR Transit RequestsExtract from AIC Y 095/2017 published today by NATS:

In order to improve the timeliness of information available to ATC, an evaluation is to be conducted for flights that are intending
to request a crossing clearance of the following Class D CTAs/CTRs in the London Area:

• Stansted CTA /CTR;
• Luton CTA/CTR;
• London (Heathrow) CTR (Outer);
• Gatwick CTA/CTR;
• London City CTA/CTR.

A simple online pre-notification tool (part of NATS Airspace User Portal) will be available which will allow pilots to ‘file’ in advance  the limited details of an Abbreviated FPL required by ATC.

Access to the pre-notification tool will be via the NATS Airspace User Portal available at URL:

A simple registration process allows pilots to access the pre-notification tool.

This evaluation will commence on 1 January 2018 for an initial period of 6 months.

Read the full Aeronautical Information Circular here:  AIC Y 095/2017