EASAFASVIG has been asked to publicise this request to encourage GA aircraft owners that fly VFR to respond to this EASA Equipment Survey.

Please respond ASAP, ideally by 15th December 2016 but absolutely no later than 15th January 2017.


– Download the Excel spreadsheet from here: RMT0679-GA-aircraft-survey-v1.xlsx
– Fill in your answers in the spreadsheet (see further info in spreadsheet)
– Email your completed spreadsheet to: impact.assessment@easa.europa.eu

Further details below.

EASA General Aviation transponder, GPS and collision avoidance/warning system equipage survey

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) through the Rulemaking Task RMT.0679 “Revision of Surveillance Performance and Interoperability”, is assessing the potential needs and options for future surveillance requirements in Europe.  Several General Aviation Associations are taking part in this work to protect the interests of GA users.

An initial step in the process is to gain an understanding of the current situation in the EASA Member States.  A survey is attached that aims to gather information about the current and possible future airborne equipage of ADS-B, including  airborne traffic awareness and collision avoidance equipment of any type, on-board GA aircraft in the UK.  The survey asks about

– Transponder equipage
– GPS equipage
– Traffic Collision Avoidance and Warning System equipage

The survey is designed to be answered by individual aircraft owners, or by group-owned aircraft, or by flying clubs and training organisations that operate more than one aircraft. Note that partial information is better than no information at all, so if you (or your maintenance organisation) do not know the answer to some of the more detailed questions, just state “don’t know”.

Confidentiality of information is important.  Information received will be aggregated in a report to avoid the possibility to recognise any individual response.  All information will be de-identified to ensure the confidentiality of the respondents.  If you provide any other information subject to confidentiality, please indicate this in your answer or by e-mail to EASA.

Please respond to the survey as soon as reasonably possible and, if possible, before the Christmas break. If you have any questions about the survey, please do not hesitate to contact the EASA focal points:

Bryan JOLLY (bryan.jolly@easa.europa.eu)

Gilles GARDIOL (impact.assessment@easa.europa.eu)