a. Letter of Invitation to participate

b. Working Arrangements

c. ToRs

FASVIG 1 (17th Jan 2014)

a. Agenda 1
b. Record of Meeting
c. Actions
d. Briefing Slides

i. FASVIG Introductory Meeting – Tim Hardy

ii. FAS VFR Implementation Group Launch Meeting – Phil Roberts

iii. FAS VFR Implementation Group – John Brady

 e. Vision Development Draft #3 – Post Meeting Consolidation

FASVIG 2 (21st Feb 2014)

a. Agenda 2
b. Briefing slides and discussion notes

FASVIG 3 (10th Jun 2014)

a. Agenda 3
b. Minutes

FASVIG 4 (16th Sep 2014)

a. Agenda 4
b. Presentation
c. Minutes
d. Feedback

FASVIG 5 (8th Apr 2016)

a. Presentation
b. Minutes (to follow)