11th April 2016

The CAA has approved the reclassification to Class G of the area of Solent CTA-6 below 3000ft, bringing it into line with CTA-7.

From CAA Skywise:

Solent CTA RoCSA Decision

The CAA has approved the FAS VFR Implementation Group’s proposals to disestablish a portion of controlled airspace within the Solent Control Area (CTA), in accordance with the CAA’s policy for the Release of Controlled and Segregated Airspace.  The proposals, which will see the base level of CTA-6 raised to 3,000 feet above mean sea level thus releasing 500 feet to Class G airspace, will be implemented on 26th May 2016.

21st September 2015

All of the responses to the Solent CTA-6 ACP Consultation have now been analysed and addressed. The Release of Controlled and Segregated Airspace Change Proposal “Solent CTA-6: Reclassify to Class G below 3000ft”  has been formally submitted to the CAA today, 21st September 2015.

The document, without Annex A & B, can be read here: RCSACP Solent CTA-6

Please note that the document sent to the CAA includes Annexes A & B, which contain all of the individual and organisation responses to the consultation. Although we would like to publish these, as we have not sought permission from the respondent to publish their responses we do not feel we are able to make these public under the current regulations governing the ACP process. (See MAS.6 CAP 725 Process )


28th March 2015

The General Aviation Alliance is sponsoring this airspace change proposal aimed at improving aircraft and airspace safety in the South of England.  This is a lead item from the Future Airspace Strategy VFR Implementation Programme.

Solent CTA-6  – Change from Class D to Class G below 3000ft

Solent CTA-6

Solent CTA-6

This proposal would raise the base of Solent CTA-6 by 500ft to 3000ft amsl to match the base of CTA-7 on its northern boundary.  This would improve safety by opening the narrow slot of Class G airspace above the Fleetlands ATZ and reducing the need for aircraft flying VFR to avoid the Class D by overflying Portsmouth.

You can download the consultation document using this link:

ACP Solent CTA-6

The consultation period starts on 28 March 2015 and runs for 12 weeks closing on 20 June 2015.  Please send your comments and responses, including indications of no comment to solentconsultation@laa.uk.com