NATS PLAS Area of ResponsibilityOn 26th July NATS provided a briefing to FASVIG on their plans for airspace under the Prestwick Centre Lower Airspace Systemisation (PLAS). The ‘Area of Responsibility’ affects southern Scotland, eastern Northern Ireland, north Wales, Isle of Man and the north of England. Earlier plans for PLAS went by the name of Northern Terminal Control Area (NTCA)

The presentation can be viewed here:

An Airspace Change Proposal consultation is currently underway on part of PLAS affecting airspace over the Irish Sea. See here:
Consultation on revised ATS route structure over the Irish Sea (Isle of Man and Antrim Sectors)
The consultation closes on 30th August 2016.

The NATS PLAS Framework Briefing to CAA from November 2015 is available here:
NATS PLAS Framework Briefing