The General Aviation Alliance is sponsoring this airspace change proposal aimed at improving aircraft and airspace safety in the South of England.  This is a lead item from the Future Airspace Strategy VFR Implementation Programme.

Airway Q41  – Change from Class A to Class D below FL80

Airway Q41

Airway Q41

This proposal would change the classification of the airway to Class D below FL80 to allow use by VFR aircraft.  This would improve safety by removing the need for aircraft flying VFR to fly below FL35 during a long over-sea transit.  It would also reduce the need for such aircraft to cross D-036 which carries the risk that entry may be refused resulting in the need to reroute.

You can download the consultation document using this link:

ACP Airway Q41

The consultation period starts on 28 March 2015 and runs for 12 weeks closing on 20 June 2015.  Please send your comments and responses, including indications of no comment to