Solent CTA-6 ACPThe consultation on the ACP for Solent CTA-6 closes on 20 June.

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This proposal seeks to improve safety for aircraft flying VFR in the vicinity of Portsmouth by increasing the volume of Class G airspace available to transit aircraft over the Fleetlands ATZ and to reduce the need to overfly the Portsmouth conurbation at low level.

Solent CTA-6 is a narrow triangle of Class D airspace with a base that is 500ft below the CAS to the north and some 3000ft below the base of FL55 the CAS to the south. This forms a thin curtain of CAS extending out to the east from the main body of the Solent CTA. There appears to be little use of lower 500ft of CTA-6 for IFR CAT using Southampton or Bournemouth airports with 97% of traffic flying in or out of the adjacent Class G airspace suggesting that the airspace has no great commercial purpose.

Removal of the lower 500ft of this Class D airspace would provide room for transit aircraft to pass underneath without risk of infringement of the CAS, of the Fleetlands ATZ or the Lee on Solent Glider launching site. At the same time it would reduce the need for VFR aircraft to fly over the Portsmouth conurbation thereby reducing intrusion and environmental impact.