A pilot’s guide to infringement avoidance… and easier navigation

GPS and new equipment running sophisticated software has given pilots the ability to navigate accurately without having to learn a wide range of skills.

In many areas of the UK, airspace has become too complex for traditional VFR navigation techniques, leading to many people now using GPS as their sole method of navigation. However, many pilots aren’t aware that neither GPS or digital devices are 100% reliable, so the gradual erosion of traditional navigational skills could place the unwary in jeopardy.

FASVIG has developed a simple guide to integrating GPS into traditional navigation. This will help you fly safely and efficiently, without infringing airspace, while giving you more confidence to enjoy your flying.

The guide is available as a webpage and also as a downloadable PDF.
The webpage also contains links to a downloadable Quick Reference Card.

Access the guide here: http://fasvig.org/nav