to establish a sustainable future for VFR operations

EASA GA equipment survey – transponder, GPS & ...

FASVIG has been asked to publicise this request to encourage GA aircraft owners that fly VFR to respond to this EASA Equipment Survey. Please respond ASAP, ideally by 15th December 2016 but absolutely no later than 15th January 2017. Instructions: – Download the Excel spreadsheet from here: RMT0679-GA-aircraft-survey-v1.xlsx – Fill in your answers in the spreadsheet (see […]

FASVIG Infringement Data Analysis

Recommendations for Infringement Workshop on 12 July 2016 Introduction Infringements of controlled airspace by GA and other users continue to occur despite the efforts of NATS, CAA and the Airspace Infringement Working Group (AIWG). There are approximately 1000 infringements every year and although reporting processes have changed, the number has remained unacceptably high. Following a […]

New Programme Coordinator – Steve Green

By Steve Hutt – 23rd June 2016 30th June 2016 will mark the end of my second year as FASVIG Programme Coordinator. During that time I believe FASVIG has begun to have an increasing and beneficial influence on the way General Aviation’s needs are viewed on issues related to airspace in the UK. I am proud of […]

FASVIG submit response to Southend ACP Post-Implementatio...

The CAA are carrying out a post-implementation review of the Southend Airspace Change Proposal. FASVIG has submitted a response, which can be read here:  

FASVIG review of Farnborough ACP

The CAA has put the TAG Farnborough ACP on hold with a requirement that further GA stakeholder engagement take place. In discussion with the CAA, it was agreed that FASVIG should undertake a review of the TAG Farnborough ACP. This review is now complete and the Report is being made public today. Please see document […]

Solent CTA-6 ACP Approved – base raised by 500ft

The ACP submitted to raise the base of Solent CTA-6 by 500ft to make it level with the base of CTA-7 has been approved by the CAA and will be implemented on 26th May 2016. From CAA Skywise: Solent CTA RoCSA Decision The CAA has approved the FAS VFR Implementation Group’s proposals to disestablish a portion of […]

New easy process to enable electronic identification of l...

 New proposals to allow GA airspace users in uncontrolled UK airspace to use low cost, low power electronic devices to be more visible to each other Aimed at making General Aviation (GA) flying safer Proposals will allow pilots to make their aircraft more visible to other airspace users Aims to encourage pilots to voluntarily adopt […]

New LAA MOD forms for Approval of non-certified GPS Mode ...

The Light Aircraft Association (LAA) has published new MOD 7 and MOD 14 forms for use when seeking approval for the connection of a non-certified GPS to a Mode S ES transponder to enable ADS-B Out in LAA Permit-to-Fly aircraft. The new approval process permits the use of PilotAware as a mechanism for verifying the […]


The CAA has announced their consultation on revisions to the Airspace Change Process (CAP 725). It closes on 15th June 2016. Seeking improvements to this Process is one of FASVIG’s Packages of Change in the FAS VFR Implementation Programme  ( The link to the consultation is: The actual consultation document is here: FASVIG […]

Reducing the cost of ADS-B

Another step forward has been announced today in reducing the cost to GA of implementing ADS-B. FASVIG support the voluntary adoption of ADS-B by GA. ADS-B offers great potential for improved traffic situational awareness and flight safety. We want to make installing ADS-B as quick, simple and low cost as possible to ensure that adopting […]